Sales Promoters on CD

This CD contains 25 issues of a publication from KF and later KW called Sale Promoter. As far as I know this is all the published issues that deal with Kaiser or Frazer and the competition (a few issues promoted Willys products). There were 10 in the first volume or series in 1949, 11 in the second series in 1950-51, and 4 in the last series in 1954. Each issue usually compares a KF model with some model from the competition with the goal of making it easier for the salesman to clinch the deal. All 25 publications are combined into one pdf file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 to read. This can be downloaded for free from Adobe and other sources.

In the first series comparison with the following is presented: Frazer/Buick, Kaiser/Nash, Frazer/Oldsmobile, Traveler/Station Wagons, Kaiser/DeSoto, Kaiser/Mercury, Kaiser/Packard, Kaiser/Hudson, Traveler/Carry-all, Kaiser/Buick. In the second series comparisons are: KF Engine/Competition, Kaiser/Pontiac, Kaiser/Buick, Kaiser/Mercury, Kaiser/DeSoto, Kaiser/Nash, Kaiser/Packard, Kaiser/Hudson, Kaiser/Chrysler, Kaiser/Pontiac, Kaiser/Studebaker. In the last series comparisons are: S/C Engine, Horsepower/Weight, Visibility/Glass Area, Leg Room.

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